To provide services of the highest quality, we provide our customers the opportunity to choose the best insurance companies in Bulgaria.

Medical travel insurance

With its help will ensure peace and comfort during their stay abroad. This type of insurance is voluntary, but gives you a good chance in an accident while abroad. With it you ensure more security.
The main purpose of this type of insurance is:
– To cover costs;
– To pay compensation;
– To provide assistance (as it includes the repatriation of the insured upon the occurrence of an insured event (an accident or acute illness) travel or work.
The only condition is that the insured event happened outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
-Assisting with travel – medical expenses
-Assisting with travel – cancellation and termination of travel
-Compulsorily medical insurance of foreigners

Insurance against loss, theft, damage to personal baggage:

– Insurance Luggage – benefits from 250 to 350 euros
– Insurance Baggage against delay over 12 hours – benefits from 100 to 200 euros

Property insurance:

– Insurance Of the House – to insure property (homes, villas, offices, commercial buildings) and personal property (total property, equipment and appliances; business property, plant and equipment, inventories, works of art) to individuals and small businesses.
– Insurance Home against the actual value of the home, ensuring 100%
– Insurance The House against the first risk
– Insurance The House in favor of the Bank
– Insurance For offices and retail outlets – this insurance is aimed at owners / tenants of commercial premises such as shops, offices, warehouses, restaurants, etc.
– Insurance Of electronic equipment.

Auto Insurance:

-GO of vehicles
-24h Autoassistance